North East Lincs WEBSDR

This WEBSDR is currently operated by Lee G4TNX and is located in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire.

More information about how to operate these type of SDR's can be found on the web but an excellent guide can be found on the SDR website of the Farnham Web SDR. Without their information and github configs etc this websdr would have not been built (hence its looks very similar until I can figure out HTML).

This SDR is located in IO93XN If you are using this SDR to track HighAltitude Balloons please use Latitude: 53.56N, Longitude: 0.04W as your location so it shows up correctly on the habhub tracker website

The current SDR Bands are:

2m - 144 MHz to 146 MHz - 2m Band - Amateur radio narrow band modes, FM repeaters & simplex activity, satellites and the International Space Station.

433Mhz - 432 MHz to 434 MHz - 70cm Band - Amateur radio narrow band modes, FM repeaters & simplex activity and licence free short range radio devices.

435Mhz - 434 MHz to 436 MHz - 70cm Band - Amateur radio satellites and High Altitude Balloon (HAB) telemetry

1296Mhz - 1295 Mhz to 1297 MHz - 23cm Band - Amateur Narrow Band, Satellites and digital TV & CW etc.

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

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